We Need To Campaign Against Unlicensed Taxis, But #homesafeselfies Aren’t The Best Way To Go About It

Should we be celebrating not getting raped on a night out?!


by Stevie Martin |
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Transport for London have launched a new campaign to combat unlicensed cabs and the dangers of getting home safe, by urging us to take selfies so our friends know we’re safe. While it’s a cute idea, there are a few problems with it. Mainly that people have been accidentally geotagging their posts, so the world knows a) exactly where they are, and b) that they’re alone.

Thing is, the focus shouldn’t be on us taking selfies, but of directly targeting unlicensed cab drivers – so we’re not sure how useful pics of us on Twitter is going to be. It sort of feels like we’re celebrating yet another night where we weren’t raped. Should we do #roadsafeselfies every time we cross a road to celebrate not getting hit by a bus? Being able to make your way home after a night out without getting raped or attacked, whether in a taxi or elsewhere, is a basic human right rather than a cause for jubilation. Secondly, have you ever tried taking a selfie when you’re really pissed after a night out? It’s usually a shocker – so does this mean that our newsfeeds are going to be full every night of sweaty people taking blurred photos of their right eye? If so, I’m renouncing social media once and for all.

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Sexual attacks linked to taxis and minicabs in London were 15% lower in 2013-14 than the previous year, with cases of rape down by almost a third and 700 people arrested for illegal touting for hire. TfL hope that this trend will continue, but they probably should have gone for something a bit more taxi-orientated. Radhika Sanghani from The Telegraph suggested #checkyourcab, which makes so much more sense than putting the focus on the potential victim, rather than potential threat.

Alternatively, we could start a #taxiselfie campaign, where taxi drivers take selfies while pointedly not attacking their passengers. If they could get their license in the picture, even better. Bonus points for selfie-ing while driving. Actually, don’t do that, it’s probably illegal.

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