Science Says Napping Can Make You More Creative. BRB Just Going For A Nap

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Science Says Napping Can Make You More Creative. BRB Just Going For A Nap

by Alyss Bowen |
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Everyone stop working right this second and go take a nap. Did you go nap? You better, because according to a study led by Sara Medick a assistant professor at the University of California-Riverside and author of Take A Nap! Change Your Life, sleeping helps improve your memory and creativity.

The participants all took part in a test to help measure their creativity. Some were asked to stay awake, while others were allowed to take a nap. Once the nap (or no nap) was complete, they were asked to complete a test – where you’ve guessed it – the people who snuck off for a little snooze performed loads better in. The group that napped actually performed a massive 40% better as sleep helps to transform short-term memories into long-term ones, which in turn helps make stronger connections between our new experiences and our old memories. This then helps new experiences to be integrated with our general knowledge and understanding of the world, making us more creative. So basically – go take a nap right this very second.

Are you currently plucking up the courage to ask your boss if this means you can have interval napping breaks during work? If you can't ask, we've compiled a little list of all the ways you could nap right now to help increase your creativity and memory without them noticing. Kind of.

Literally in your chair. Right now for 20 minutes, put some headphones on, with your back to your boss they can’t spot you snoozing.

Find a meeting room and have a little nap. Maybe go for a dark one down a corridor no one uses, just incase your CEO wanders in mid-sleep

GO OUTSIDE. Cause it’s dead sunny if you haven’t noticed. Eat your lunch at your desk then nip out for some shut eye.

On the bus home. Who doesn’t love drifting off on the bus home as it rocks you to sleep? Unless you get travel sickness, then definitely do not do this.

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