Naked Lush Advert Banned Because Of Nudity

'I'm sorry but I never consented for myself or my children to be exposed to nudity on our weekly shopping trip!'

Naked Lush Advert Banned Because Of Nudity

by Stevie Martin |
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There’s an advert for Lush cosmetics being rolled out in Australia featuring naked women’s arses, and everyone touching each others’ butt cheeks. It’s now been banned, and people are up in arms (and arses) about it because a) it showed real women, for once and b) there’s no actual nudity. It’s just lots of bums.

Similar to the Tom Ford advert that got banned for showing Cara Delevingne’s arse, albeit in a sexier way, this got banned because there are children around and their parents don’t want them to get a face full of arse.

Originally posted on their New Zealand and Australian social media sites, the campaign was supposed to highlight the amount of packaging used by other brands. Instead, it highlighted how much of a problem we still have with nudity.


One complainant said, ‘It was placed at a child’s eye level in a shopping centre. It shows naked women touching each other. I am offended, as this is nudity for the sake of causing a stir and is offensive and unnecessary.’

Another commenter said: ‘I was unable to shield my children from exposure to this advert as it was on a poster in the centre aisle of the shopping centre. When I contacted Lush, they said that the women in the photo consented so it was OK. I’m sorry but I never consented for myself or my children to be exposed to nudity on our weekly shopping trip!’

Your poor children! A BOTTOM! They’ll probably never recover from this.

A spokesperson for Lush responded: ‘The women in the images are members of the Lush team, who felt strongly about this issue and volunteered to be part of our campaign to highlight this important issue.

‘The photos are shot not to titillate, but with the utmost respect for these wonderful human beings and their commitment to this cause.

‘The image is completely untouched, as we feel that we should not be ashamed of our bodies in their natural state, and that every single one of us is beautiful in our diversity, regardless of colour, shape, size, or life choices.’

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