The Mystery Behind The Harry Potter Hospital Plaque Has Been Revealed

When a mysterious plaque magically appears Harry Potter is always involved

The Mystery Behind The Harry Potter Hospital Plaque Has Been Revealed

by Ruby Norris |
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About 18 months ago, a plaque dedicated to the children of Bristol magically appeared overnight outside Bristol Hospital. Perhaps the work of some sort of Confundus Charm, the plaque seemingly went unnoticed for months and when people did finally stumble upon the mysterious dedication, no one had any idea who had put it there. Until now.

It has now been revealed that the plaque, inspired by The Lollypop Be-Bop sculpture outside the hospital was in fact the brainchild of Cormac Seachoy. The Bristol graduate, who has since died of Cancer, was a patient at the hospital and likened the sculpture, an interactive art installation, to Quidditch posts from the Harry Potter series. Seachoy did tweet about it at the time, but has only just been given credit for his handy work.

The plaque claims the sculpture was enchanted by Quidditch star Abdou Sosseh. Ring any bells? The the captain of Senagal’s Quidditch team which lost the 1998 World Cup to Malawi. Duh! Of course, only die-hard Harry Potter fans will have any idea about Mr. Sosseh’s identity as it was only ever touched up on JK Rowling’s Pottermore website.

According to Cormac Seachoy’s friend and plaque-mounting accomplice, James Carberry, Cormac wanted the children at the hospital to think the rings 'were a gift from wizards.'

The BBC reports that while hospital has agreed to keep the plaque in place to honour Cormac who was 'passionate about fundraising and helping good causes,' they have urged others seek permission before putting up any more mysterious plaques.

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