‘I’ve Lost Hope’ Muslims Of Reddit Share What’s Going Through Their Minds Right Now

After the horrific attacks in Paris over the weekend, Muslims tell other users how they feel following terrorist attacks perpetrated by Islamic extremist groups

'I've Lost Hope' Muslims Of Reddit Share What's Going Through Their Minds Right Now

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After the horrific attacks in Paris on Friday night, Muslim populations around the world have condemned ISIS; the terror organisation that claims to be commiting their senseless atrocities in the name of Islam.

Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain Dr. Shuja Shafi issued a statement on the organisation's website this weekend stating that the MCB 'comdemn this violence in the strongest possible terms.' He then went on to say: 'There is nothing Islamic about such people and their actions are evil, and outside the boundaries set by our faith...' Speaking about the violence both in Paris and Beirut, he said: 'There is not justification for such carnage whatsoever. We hope the remaining people responsible are brought to justice and face the full force of the law.'

After 9/11, in the US, anti-Muslim hate attacks went from 20-30 reported incidents to over 500 a year. In the UK, since the birth of ISIS, charity TELL MAMA reckons anti-Muslim attacks have risen by 5-10%. Already, since Friday, far-right groups have taken to the streets in protest, and a mosque in Canada was 'deliberately' set on fire.

So, what's it like to be a Muslim in the wake of a terrorist attack? Over the weekend, Muslims of Reddit have been sharing their thoughts.

'Please don't let it be Muslims'

'Arab Muslim in Saudi Arabia. People are just waking up to the news (it's the weekend). I read a few headlines last night before bed, but could not imagine it would reach the scale that it did (this was before the hostage situation came to light). I remember my thoughts in order were:

"Please don't let it be Muslims"

"Who am I kidding? It's probably Muslims."

"Fuck. I should be thinking about the victims..."

"Please don't let it be Muslims."

On another note, I honestly feel guilty for caring so much. Just the night before, 43 people were killed and 200+ injured by two explosions in Beirut, Lebanon (long called "the Paris of the Middle East" amusingly enough) and I shrugged it off as "business as usual". I feel guilty now for being so insensitive, and ashamed that it took the media coverage in Paris to get me to even sympathise with the victims in Beirut. I feel like at this point, if I talked about Paris it would be hypocritical, and if I talked about Beirut it would be too forced. I just feel like staying silent.'

From user StrawberrySheikh

'I just stay in my house for a week or two till it blows over'

"Well... shit, better not go out for a few days"

Numb to death and destructions really, most of my family is dead, my birthplace is completely wiped off the map, and i've worked as an ER nurse for years. every time something like this happens i just stay in my house for a week or two till it blows over and get my hubby to buy me all the shit I need'

User account now deleted, but she later explained that she is from a 'small opium village in Pakistan, controlling family burned it down when Taliban came rolling around. my dad got himself, me and my mom into America through organised crime connections. Now i live in Western Massachusetts.'

'I feel so ashamed. I feel apologetic. I feel defensive'

'I am a Lebanese Muslim living in Canada.

Yesterday, i was absolutely heartbroken following the series of suicide bombings that occurred in Beirut. I had to call my family back home and make sure they're alive. I cannot begin to describe the nausea and dizziness when the lines wont connect.

I went to sleep somewhat relieved my family is still alive. After class today, France happened. At first, I heard "Pray for Paris" and thought: "But what about Beirut!"

Right now, I feel so ashamed. I feel apologetic. I feel defensive. I am also utterly disgusted that this is done "in our name". I keep wanting to tell people I am sorry. I am sorry this happened. I am sorry these terrorists probably have the same name as my father or brother or uncle. I am so sorry. Believe me, I know the fear. I know the loss. Believe me, I grew up with this around me and I am so sorry for all your hurt.'

From User IShouldSayThat who urges people to donate to Red Crescent


'Generally it goes something along the lines of "Oh no another terrorist attack? PLEASE DON'T BE MUSLIMS PLEASE DON'T BE MUSLIMS PLEASE DON'T BE MUSLIMS PLEASE DON'T BE MU – GOD FUCKING DAMNIT". I know this is a joking sort of comment in a serious thread but to be perfectly honest, I think that goes through most of our heads. It seriously sucks because for a lot of us Muslims in the western world, we have the same fears that all the Europeans and Americans have (fear for our lives and for our loved ones) and at the same time we fear for our safety and how we will be affected by the terrorist attacks.'

From user KawKawww

'I am increasingly more likely to be subjected to stupid questions'

'As a Muslim (albeit not a very good one, but I do try), I am really really sad and really, really afraid. I am not an uneducated woman, nor have I lived under a rock - I do understand that the majority of people understand that most Muslims are peaceful people, that most of us are outraged and furious and mourning for the countless people who have needlessly died.

I am also afraid that I am increasingly more likely to be subjected to stupid questions, accusatory looks and maybe even abuse from idiots who just don't get it. It's terrorism, whatever faith you are, you should be able to identify it as terrorism - my faith has nothing to do with that as far as I'm concerned. So questions like "As a Muslim, how do you feel about... X Y Z" are only going to make me worry more – because my thoughts of terrorism, whatever the religion of the terrorist is, are that terrorists are inhumane and barbaric – and cowards. Sadly, your average Joe gets caught up in it all and the cowards have the advantage of weapons and the element of surprise.

I have no idea how the world will be in a few short years – I worry that my baby might die in a terrorist attack – that my family and friends (non-Muslims and Muslims alike) might get caught up in an attack... It doesn't bear thinking about – but I don't think my fears about my loved ones are unique to me as a Muslim.

So my short answer is, very sad and very afraid.'

From user Ten1a

'Every time I'd open my backpack in school, everyone would be looking at my hands unzipping it with beads of sweat on their forehead'

'I hope and pray with all the power in my soul that they're not Muslims. But then they're always fucking Muslims. And the next day at school/work/whatever it is that I'm doing at that specific day is filled with insults and slurs and faces that look like they just smelled the most disgusting thing on the face of the earth. If only they knew, if only they knew that I was every bit as much (or possibly more) disgusted than they were with the terror attacks. Following the 9/11 attacks, everytime I'd open my backpack in school, everyone would be looking at my hands unzipping it with beads of sweat on their forehead. They'd think I have a bomb in there. This lead me to a deep depression when I was around 15 years old because the slurs and comments just wouldn't stop. I'm just rambling now, but what I wanted to say basically is that I'm always disgusted by terror attacks when I see them on the news and get attacked for being muslim verbally throughout the next couple of weeks.'

From user Idrissrocks

'I've lost hope'

'As an American citizen and Muslim and in American military. I fucking hate this. I am honestly exhausted in trying to bring the light of day. I try to educate and defend the Muslim community but when people think it is okay to kill in the name of religion.

I've lost hope'

From user N3rve101

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