This Is How Much An NHS Doctor Really Earns For Being On Call

After the initial strike on Tuesday, there are two more planned for the coming month.

This Is How Much An NHS Doctor Really Earns For Being On Call

by Chemmie Squier |

On Tuesday, junior doctors took part in a 24-hour walk out to protest the new proposed contract which would see a 11% rise in basic pay, but be offset by a reduction in payments for unsociable hours. On top of this, there’s big concerns over the creation of seven-day services and overworking.

After The Sun ran a piece last weekend about ‘Moet Medics’, accusing junior doctors of living the high life, they took to Twitter to shut down the suggestion that they’re loaded, using the hashtag #smearthedocs with amazing results.

But how much do doctors really get paid for being on call? Last year, NHS doctor Karan Kapoor posted a picture of his payslip on Facebook to show how little his ‘on call’ supplement pay is.


He worked out that he receives £313.54 for being on call every month, which adds approximately 120 hours on to his normal working week. Shockingly, this works out at £2.61 per hour, ‘significantly less than the minimum wage, let alone the living wage’.

Dear Jeremy Hunt MP, I am a newly appointed NHS Consultant and receive £313.54 for my on call supplement per month. My...

Posted by [Karan Kapoor](#) on

The next strike is set to be a 48-hour walk out on Tuesday 26 January, followed by an all-out strike on Wednesday 10 February, during which there will be no emergency care cover provided.

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