9 Of The Best Mother-Daughter Relationships On Screen

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When Netflix announced they were bringing our favourite fast-talking, caffeine-addicted, junk food loving mother and daughter Rory and Lorelai Gilmore back to our screens this November, we were more than a little bit excited. After all, it's been more than a decade since Gilmore Girls was on our screens, and we've had a Stars Hollow shaped gap in our lives ever since.

In celebration of our favourite Connecticut couple coming back in only three months time (not that we’re counting or anything) we’ve rounded up the best mother and daughter duos from film and TV: the ones that make us laugh, cry and want to hug our Mums...

Lily and Serena Van Der Woodsen, Gossip Girl

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So Lily isn’t exactly Mother Of The Year, but it can’t be easy raising kids on the Upper East Side. Despite giving her kids multiple stepfathers, she was always there for Serena (when she accidently killed someone, when she was in hospital, or when she had her heartbroken). She even stops dating the love of her life, Rufus, just so Serena can be with his son, Dan. Plus, she’s an amazing step-mum to Chuck and Jenny - not exactly the easiest to step-children to raise...

Susan Delfino and Julie Meyer, Desperate Housewives

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We're calling it: Susan Delfino is far and away the best mother of Wisteria Lane. Just like the Gilmores, Susan and Julie are best friends first, mother and daughter second. Their inverted relationship never failed to make us laugh (and cry a few times too). We can’t help but wonder what Susan’s like as a Grandmother to Julie and Porter’s baby these days...

Jane and Xiomara Villanueva, Jane the Virgin

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Move over Ugly Betty, Jane the Virgin is our new fave take on the telenovela. There are so many kick-ass mothers (and grandmothers, and great-grandmothers…) in this show, it's hard just to pick one, but we love Jane and Xo’s close and loving role-reversed relationship.

Regina and Mrs. George, Mean Girls

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Mrs. George isn’t exactly the stereotypical mum, but remember, she isn’t like regular Mums, she’s a cool Mum. Which is exactly what a queen-bee like Regina needs – who else would make a spinal brace so pretty or document every moment of prom on her camcorder? You go Mrs. George, four for you Mrs. George.

Matilda and Miss Honey, Matilda

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Okay, so technically these two aren’t mother and daughter until the end of the story when Miss Honey saves Matilda from her not-so-nice birth parents and adopts her. These two bookworms are the perfect pair; we would LOVE to see a teenage Matilda and Miss Honey...

Claire, Hayley and Alex Dunphy, Modern Family

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Claire Dunphy is an incredible woman: boss of the family company while raising three kids, running for City Council, and looking amazing to boot (#goals, anyone?) Of all the relationships in Modern Family, Claire and her girls are our fave.

Molly and Ginny Weasley, Harry Potter

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Molly and Ginny Weasley's relationship is underrated in the Harry Potter world; we know she’d be totally cool about Ginny dating Harry (despite the constant life threatening situations she probably ends up in as a result). Plus, 'not my daughter you b*tch' is the best line in all eight movies.

Aledia and Dayanara Diaz, Orange Is The New Black

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This series deals with so many unconventional mother-daughter relationships, whether it's ‘prison mums’ (we love you Red), or the awkwardness of fatherhood becoming motherhood for transgender inmate Sophia Bursett. Yet, the Diaz girls have got to be our favourite. Sure, it’s unconventional, but these two grow so much and have each other’s backs on the inside and out.

Ashley and Hanna Marin, Pretty Little Liars

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There’s a lot of dodgy parenting in Rosewood, but not in the Marin household. Ashley Marin would sacrifice anything for Hanna - even dating (and ultimately killing) creeping cop Wilden to keep her daughter out of trouble. And they absolutely confide in each other, talking about everything from boys, make-up and fashion to, erm, the whole 'A' situation. Are we too old to be adopted by her?

Alicia and Grace Florrick, The Good Wife

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Alicia is an amazing parent through all the drama of The Good Wife. Being a super-lawyer, supporting your convict/politician husband, and raising two kids can’t be easy, yet Alicia manages it all and is always supportive of Grace – and Grace supportive of Alicia.

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