‘Mom’ Linda Clarke Is Threatening To (Maybe) Destroy ISIS With Emojis, Beer And Excellent Puns

Is she real? Who cares. According to this 43 year old mom, ISIS are soon going to be WASWAS

'Mom' Linda Clarke Is Threatening To (Maybe) Destroy ISIS With Emojis, Beer And Excellent Puns

by Jess Commons |
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You guys remember Linda Clarke right? The 43-year-old ‘mom’ from Georgia, USA took to Facebook after the Charlie Hebdo attacks back in January to declare to the world that she would ‘destroy ISIS’ – and as a result of this she naturally became a viral internet meme.

Well folks, it seems Linda is back and still very much determined to destroy ISIS – though aren’t we all? In light of the recent and tragic attacks that took place in Paris, the internet has once again decided to share the memes that saw Linda’s face take over our newsfeeds less than a year ago. Here are a few of our favourites:

Looking good and feeling great


The only thing this photo is missing is Tom Cruise aka Maverick

**Just having a cheeky cigarette break – then back to destroying ISIS **

Not only is Linda back in meme formation, but she’s even gone and got herself a Twitter account. Whether or not it’s actually Linda who’s been tweeting since September 30 (mainly about her continued efforts to take down ISIS and her confusion over how Twitter and Facebook works) still remains to be seen. One thing’s for sure though, the account has ramped up its activity and gained supports from across the world. And it's easy to see why.

[View the story "Linda Clarke Takes On ISIS" on Storify]

Lindapendence Day, anyone?

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