The Painfully Awkward Moment When The Wrong Miss Universe Got The Crown

The Awkward Moment When The Wrong Winner Was Crowned 'Miss Universe'

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What's the biggest clanger you've made at work? Perhaps hit 'reply all' on an email slagging off your boss. Maybe you've come in so hungover you can barely see. Or maybe, you've announced the eliminated contestant of a round of The X Factor before you've been handed the envelope with the results (hi, Olly Murs).

Whatever it was you did, allow us to comfort you with this toe-curling awkward moment at this year's Miss Universe pageant. Host Steve Hervey announced Miss Columbia as the winner - only to realise he'd got it wrong.

The hostess had to actually de-crown Miss Columbia (luckily, not in a Game of Thrones fashion) and put the crown on the head of the rightful winner, Miss Philippines. Cue this reaction from her:

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