Look At These Mind-Boggling Doughnuts

Are they even edible?

Look At These Mind-boggling Doughnuts

by Mollie Wintle |
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Bespoke bakery ‘Doughnut Time’ is celebrating its one year anniversary in style. The company asked Australia’s top twenty bakers to come up with a whole new range of mouth-watering creations – and they’ve risen magnificently to the challenge, displayed on instagram under #DTproject. Undoubtedly nuts (and sometimes filled with nuts), we can't tell if the doughnuts look nightmarish or delicious. Either way it seems unfair that they’re being eaten in sunny 21° climes while we’re left shivering, trying to carb-load through a screen.

Resembling an iced burger covered in sprinkles, the ‘Doughnut Crackle Sundae’ contains ice cream, whipped cream, dark chocolate fudge sauce and almond flakes. A heavy-weight.

When one type of carbohydrate simply isn’t enough: baker Elisa Pietrantonio combines Nutella filled churros with cinnamon sugar coated doughnuts all drizzled with gooey caramel.

This one appears to have a syringe in it and may turn your insides radioactive. The ‘Funfetti’ is filled with popcorn and covered with Persian fairy floss, gold leaf anda bubblegum glaze.

A Safe Pair of Hands. Undoubtedly a doughnut, this delight is filled with vanilla bean cream and garnished with chocolate shards and fresh banana. A nod to health.

This marshmellow monstrosity packs in layers and layers of smores...we reckon by the end you’d have had enough.

And finally: the perfect antidote to a V day comedown. This doughnut is filled with creamy passionfruit curd, topped with a passion fruit glaze and covered with edible blooms. Share your edible blooms with a lover or wolf the whole thing down in one bite and be momentarily filled with passion.

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