Millenials Prefer Phones To Toothbrushes And Deodorant. Seriously

Study shows that most of us would even give up chocolate or booze to get access to a phone


by Sophie Wilkinson |
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If you have ventured, or will be venturing onto a festival site any time this summer, then you will know that the survival instinct kicks in, and sometimes you will just have to prioritise one thing over another. Mainly, you’ll forgo showers so that you can watch your favourite bands play music, listen to DJs drop bangers, eat overpriced stodgy food and watch as your friends trip over gangwires. And then at the end of it all, you’ll trundle home and have the most idyllic shower of your life. But it seems as if, for most Millenials, hygiene will be forsaken not only for festivals, but for phones.

Seriously, according to a study, 96% of the respondents aged between 18 and 24 considered their phones very important. Only 93% said the same about toothbrushes, and a gross, stinky 10% was discovered to not really give a shit about deodorant when only 90% said they would consider the product important in their day-to-day.

Taking in the results from all age groups, the research done on 2,000 respondents by Braun Research for the Bank of America proved that older people care just that little more about dental hygiene than mobile phones, with 91% of them saying phones were important, but 95% saying toothbrushes were vital to their day-to-day.

It’s quite damning just how much Millenials enjoy their phones (which, if you think about it, are merely portals to the real world): 80% of them would give up alcohol and chocolate to get access to their phone. On the plus side for the environment, though, our generation doesn’t rate cars as much as older generations (80% to an overall 91%), reports

That said, if we’re a generation that prefers phones to deodorant, and prefers both to cars, then we’re sadly doomed to a lifetime inhaling our smelly peers’ BO on public transport. Oh well, at least we can text our friends about our suffering.

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