Miliband Left Out Of All-Woman Huddle At Leaders Debate

The opposition leaders’ debate showed, once more, how refreshing it is to have women at the top of politics…

Miliband Left Out Of All-Woman Huddle At Leaders Debate

by Sophie Wilkinson |
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Last night there was another leaders’ debate. Except this was the one to which David Cameron didn’t want to turn up and Nick Clegg (says he) wasn’t invited. So it was Ed Miliband for Labour, Leanne Wood for Plaid Cymru, Natalie Bennett for Greens, Nicola Sturgeon for SNP, then all the way on the right – in so many more ways than one – was Nigel Farage for UKIP.

It was almost shocking to see a panel show with more women than men, but once we got over that, it was pretty refreshing! Highlights included:

  • Ed Miliband telling Nigel Farage he’s exploiting British people’s fears rather than addressing them

  • Nigel banging on about foreign nationals with HIV who might want to be treated in this country as if they’ve lived here for years

  • Each of the smaller parties – apart from UKIP – saying they’ll happily go into a coalition with Labour.

Ed Miliband rolled his eyes to these claims, looking a lot like this:

And then, at the end, all of the women – whose policies of scrapping student debt, nuclear defence system Trident and generally turning the government into a multi-party system of more devolved power overlap a lot – gave each other a massive three-way hug as Ed Miliband looked on.

He then shook each of their hands and while Natalie Bennett and Leanne Wood scarpered off, leaving only him and Nicola Sturgeon to go over and shake Nigel Farage’s hand. The fact the others wouldn’t even shake his hand for show says so much about how divisive his anti-immigration policies and ‘I’m not racist but’ statements have been.

After that big huddle, we wonder, could the future have more female leaders in it? The women polled at 31% for Nicola, then 2% for Leanne and Natalie, respectively, so it doesn’t look incredible, but with all of the parties (bar UKIP and the Conservatives) promising more women to gain equal representation in government, well, it could certainly be on the way.

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