This Is Why You Should Get Married On A Weekday

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Looking to save money on your wedding? Why not join legions of others who are choosing to get married on a weekday?

In a survey conducted by – the wedding planning website – roughly 21,700 weddings took place on Thursday last year; up 6,000 from the year 2008.

Research conducted by the website was supported by John Lewis' insurance data which revealed there was a 43% increase (over the last 5 years) of couples taking out wedding insurance policies on a Thursday – opposed to the weekend.

Why has this trend moved at such a pace? Because it's cheaper – far cheaper in fact, with wedding venues offering significant reductions for mid-week hire, over those at traditional weekend times.

Editor of Caroline Hendry told The Times earlier this week: 'With many venues and wedding suppliers booking up months or even years in advance, a Thursday wedding can also give wedding-planning couples a better chance of booking their first choice vendors.'

Not only that, but food is often cheaper mid-week, and bands, florists and stylists often have more availability then too. It's worth thinking about...

All of which is great news for the engaged couple – not such great news for the guests, who presumably will have to take a day off work as 'holiday' to attend the big day.

Still, they can always get their own back by wearing white on the day...

Apparently wearing white to a wedding isn't as taboo as it once was, as research conducted by the world's largest fashion shopping site Lyst, revealed that 7 out of 10 women would wear white to a friend's wedding. How many women is that? 1,000 were surveyed in the US and UK, which means that 700 said yes.

In an interesting twist, however, only 40% said they'd feel comfortable if guests wore white to their weddings.

'Weddings have changed to reflect the times we live in,' Lyst editorial director Katherine Ormerod commented. 'Now you can marry who you want, how you want to. In an era of dog weddings, internet-ordained ministers, unusual venues and flashmob services - it’s no surprise that the old traditions carry less weight, and this goes for fashion too'.

Getting married on a weekday and guests wearing white... we suppose the only natural progression from here is the arrival of the virtual wedding – it happens any time day or night and guests don't even have to get out of bed to attend – they can watch all the proceedings via a live stream to their iPads and have champagne delivered to their bedside via Deliveroo.

You heard it here first.

To the bride and groom!

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