Mhairi Black Slams ‘Cruel Racists’ Who Won’t Welcome Refugees

She points out that the refugees are fleeing terrorism, too…

Mhairi Black Slams ‘Cruel’ Racists Who Won’t Welcome Refugees

by Sophie Wilkinson |
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In the time since the atrocious Paris attacks there’s been way too much racism brimming to the surface, from people who’re too stupid to realise that Isis and Syrian refugees are very different sorts of people.

One person taking a stand against it is Mhairi Black, the 20-year-old MP who’s offered asylum to many Syrian refugees in her constituency of Paisley and Renfrewshire South.

After seeing ‘cruel and hateful’ racism online, she hit back with her own Facebook post.

After explaining her commitment to battling homelessness among Scottish nationals, she insisted: ‘Still I refuse to let any opportunity to do good pass by. When we have a Westminster Government so determined to do ill by people, I will not stand by and watch people suffer just because they were born in a different country.’

She explained that Syrian refugees are escaping the terrorists behind last weekend’s attacks. ‘They are fleeing the very people behind the attacks in Paris and Beirut. How could we turn our backs on them, when all they want is to live peacefully and without a fear for their lives?’

Helping the homeless people on our streets and helping those who are suffering unimaginable tragedies in their home...

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Mhairi has a mandate to welcome refugees, as many of her constituents wrote to her after seeing a front-page photo of Aylan Kurdi, the three-year-old who drowned in the Mediterranean on the way to Europe. ‘Hundreds of my constituents contacted me… Even more got in contact outraged at the pitiful number of the refugees the Government announced they would take.’

She also appealed to her constituents’ sense of understanding – nobody’s come to the UK easily, and that shows just how desperate they are. ‘It is no easy task to become a refugee in these islands, and so for those that make it we must welcome them with open arms. They have been through enough. To pour ignorant bile and thinly veiled racism onto social media is cruel and so disappointing.’

Mhairi finished by commending the ‘gracious, well informed and kind’ commenters and offering ‘a big welcome to all refugees and I hope they will finally find some peace, safety and comfort in our inclusive country.’

OK, now can we come and live with you please, Mhairi? Or just hang out with you? For a bit? Please?

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