Mhairi Black Responds To Homophobic Twitter Trolls Like An Absolute Boss

Can we just make her Prime Minister already?

Mhairi Black Responds To Homophobic Twitter Trolls Like An Absolute Boss

by Eve Simmons |
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She’s the youngest MP for 350 years; her maiden speech racked up more than 10 million YouTube views and her Twitter game is top dollar.

As if we needed yet another reason to love SNP politician Mhairi Black, she’s now taking on Twitter trolls in a way that makes us want to march down to Westminster and demand she become our personal MP (and general life adviser/organiser).

When delightful Twitter troll, @_Genius_Loci commented on this imageof a fellow SNP MP (the insulting image was first tweeted by Katie Hopkins - shock), Mhairi took to the internet to defend her colleague with a perfect pass-agg response.

‘The Ben Identity’ (aka dickface) squirmed a bit:

Mhairi came back with yet another killer line and used her unwavering intelligence to make him look like the ignorant baffoon that he clearly is.

The 21-year-old MP for Paisley & Renfrewshire (jel) then took the opportunity to speak out in support of LGBT rights - coz she’s super fucking awesome.

Also, BEN? Please unfollow Katie Hopkins on Twitter. Thanksbyeforever.

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