Men On Reddit Are Explaining Why They Ghost Girls

Turns out some Redditers are naaat fans of emojis

Men On Reddit Are Explaining Why They Ghost Girls

by Tabi Jackson Gee |
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The modern art of ghosting is a mysterious one. One second you're chatting away, planning your next date - the next, radio silence.

One woman has taken to reddit to ask men why they do it. 'To the men who randomly stopped texting a girl after you used to talk to her all day, everyday' she says, 'why'd you stop?'

The answers are typically wide range from the hilarious to insightful to everything in between. And, it turns out that a lot of these guys are naaat fans of emojis ;-) 'Turns out I wasn't talking to her, I was just talking to her bank of emojis' says one guy.

Other men explained how texting had become a chore (anyone who's dating right now will be familiar with that one). 'With one girl I realised one day that I could no longer remember why I'd been interested in her' explains one guy.

'It'd become sort of a habit, I'd contact her, she'd somehow kill the conversation or I'd have to do all the work. Happened gradually, didn't notice at first. And then came that day when the thought just popped into my head "Why are you making this effort? Why are you interested in this girl?" And I couldn't for the life of me find a decent answer. There'd definitely been a spark originally but it had faded so gradually I hadn't noticed it go.'

A chap with the charming username of My_Shit_Is_Perfect agrees, reasoning 'I've learned to just not bother with women like that. If the first couple of messages amount to "heyyy lol" "hahah good" "nothing lol" it's clear to me what she's expecting - for me to lead her around by the nose and give chase when she wants it. I'm just not interested in that kind of a relationship anymore. I want to connect with someone mutually. Is that so hard.'

Looks like both men and women are still a long way from figuring out this whole online dating thing... God help us.

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