This Mockumentary About Men Becoming Obsolete Has Made The Internet Real Mad

Once again the internet proves that it's a shit place to be a feminist. Or a film director. Or sony. Or anyone that challenges the patriarchy

This Mockumentary About Men Becoming Obsolete Has Made The Internet Real Mad

by Marianna Manson |
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There's some kind of masochistic pleasure that comes from reading the comments of grossly misogynistic internet trolls. This morning, when I came across the trailer for upcoming mockumentary* No Men Beyond This Point,* due for release later this year, was no exception.

The film, produced by Sony and premiered at Toronto Film Festival last autumn, imagines what a world in which men are obsolete; not exactly a ground-breaking premise, perhaps, but one that has here been handled with finely crafted satire and good old fashioned belly laughs.

In the film, women have been reproducing asexually since the 1950’s, giving birth only to baby girls, and the narrative follows 37-year-old Andrew – the youngest man in the world. The trailer alone has some pretty great comedic gems: 'They are lacing our food with oestrogen – which is the girly hormone,' says one middle aged, balding man at a press conference. Our protagonist Andrew poignantly notes, 'I have to make the most of the opportunities that I do have, because things aren’t going to change.'

But as with anything that raises the issues of gender inequality in film (and society at large), and, by proxy, threatened the automatic position of male privilege, the internet has generated a venomous – but more importantly, totally hilarious – ‘anti-feminist’ backlash. Because eradicating men and forcing them to makeshift camps in the wilderness is, actually, what feminism is all about.

Put simply, the men on the internet are seriously ‘butthurt’ – which isn’t my phrase but I’m totally coining it from now on. The hashtag #masculinitysofragile has been doing the rounds on social media for a while now, and never has it been so apt as when meninists sense that their authority is being questioned. So without further ado, here’s a collection of some of the most lol-worthy comments I’ve found following the release, which, in my opinion, provide more comedic gold than the trailer itself (and quite possibly the whole movie, when it comes out).

1. This guy, who seems to have become disproportionately angry


2. I am a feminist and I believe all men are Satan incarnate

3. Thank you, Delving Deep, for pointing out why we need feminism

4. And you, Aaron Holguin

5. This guy who is angry that SOMONE SAID RAPE JOKES ARE A THING

6. An ongoing theme about the ludicrousness of women effectively running a society.

7. Delving Deep strikes again.

8. This guy, who argues that women’s role in society can be re-created with ‘sex-bots and emotional programming.’ Er… Thanks?

**9. **And these guys, who ‘basicly’ have the last laugh.

Here’s the trailer, because it would be cruel to tell you all that without letting you draw your own conclusions.

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