The Men Behind Carnage In Magaluf Rake In £15k A Week

And it's pretty obvious from the club's twitter feed that the #MagalufGirl, once vital to the fun and games, is now being left by the wayside by the clubnight that encourages sex acts to go on...


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It has now emerged that the men running the Carnage Magalluf nights – the ones where ‘mamading,' or public sex acts in return for booze, or simple lad points, are taking place – are allegedly earning £15,000 a week. _The Daily Star r_eports that brothers John and Danny Daly, who own and run several restaurants and bars in Magaluf and have holiday homes in the Bahamas, are pulling in serious cash from the Carnage Magalluf bar crawl.

And what do they think of the outrage over therecent video of a girl and 24 men engaging in a ‘sex act’ (a series of momentary blowjobs) at one of the Carnage events in the Balearic resort town, which has resulted in the girl being torn apart by social media internationally? ‘I don’t believe either of [the brothers] has shown any remorse. Danny has taken down his Facebook and will hate the spotlight falling on him,' a source told the paper. ‘He and John like to stay in the background, although they think the row may have an upside for them. When someone tells him it’s absolutely disgusting, John says: “If I were 18, I’d be coming to Magaluf next week.”’

To a certain extent he'd be right. Stuff like this happening at Carnage events isn’t a huge surprise to us; the Club 18-30 culture of people going out to Mediterranean islands and getting nailed is as old as Channel 4’s youth documentaries and it's got a certain allure to some. What's new, though, is that today's technology means that high-quality videos of people doing the sorts of things that had previously been condemned to rip-em-to-shreds 6x4inch photographs can now be instanly uploaded, shared and watched by millions of people around the world. Carnage Magalluf is a big industry, and things that happen within its hallowed organised-fun bingeing sessions can have massive consequences.

Massive consequences that, it seems, are only amplified by the intense scrutiny of social media. More videos of the sort of nudity-and-booze-fuelled antics of Magaluf’s bar crawls have been published since the first one came to light, all under the guise of alerting us all to this horrific trend. But actually, we know this kind of stuff goes on, and all the new videos – a girl being spitroasted by two guys, for example – are going to do is get more people pointing the finger of shame at whichever new girl is involved.

Meanwhile, the trolling of the #MagalufGirl, as she’s come to be known, continues apace. Worst of all by the people behind Carnage Magalluf nights themselves. Their Twitter account has RTed photos of a girl with a mouthful of hotdog sausages, and various comments condemning her as a ‘slag,’ ‘disgusting,’ ‘filthbox,’ as well as making comments which imply she wasn’t their responsibility, nor was she drunk:

Even if she was entirely sober (unlikely, it’s a club night called CARNAGE) and willing – well, as willing as you can be with a clubload of people goading you on to do something within a culture of ‘what happens in Maga stays in Maga’ – why then RT those horrible insults if not to cause more shame?

At the time of the revelation of the first video, the local mayor, Manu Onieva said that there will be a police investigation into these sorts of events. And it couldn’t come sooner, as it’s obvious how much the organisers of Carnage events are benefitting from a skewed culture which encourages everyone to play along, but, when it comes to crunch time, won’t support the girls that are so vital to the fun and games.

UPDATE: The men behind Carnage Magalluf have given a press conference. Here's what they said.

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