Meet The Woman Who Can Do 17 British Accents In One Go

FYI Sian Thompson can do a great "Peter Capaldi" impression


by Emma Gannon |
Published on

Ever wondered what all seventeen very different British accents sound like when strung together into one long sentence? Well now you can. British actress and comedienne Siobhan Thompson hosts an energetic YouTube channel "Anglophenia", part of BBC America which aims to deliver "British culture with an American accent". One video in particular that has caught our eye emassing around 77,000 hits (and growing!) as she mimicks 17 uncanny accents from all around the UK.

She also has a talent of parodying certain actors in films when performing her accents, such as Dame Maggie Smith's scottish twang or Ossie Osborne's brummie accent. Her talents really come to the fore when distinguishing between different regions of Scotland and Ireland. Round of applause. We'll all be trying out these accents in the pub later.

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This article originally appeared on The Debrief.

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