Meet The Girls Who Ride Bikes

And they’re doing it better than the boysPhotography by Gary Margerum

Meet The Girls Who Ride Bikes

by Chloe Gray |
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Bike chic may be hot right now but these women aren’t just wearing the look, they live it. Despite being miles away from your stereotypical bearded biker (mainly because they have vaginas), Gemma, Namin and Mai are the driving forces – literally - behind the VC, a new network taking the motorbike world by storm. Want even more proof that they’re badass? VC stands for Vicious Cunts. Yep.


Now not content with just riding, they’re launching a clothing range, VCC, that will actually fit women who ride. Goodbye too-long men’s jackets, hello well-fitted jerseys.


Gemma on motorcycle

'People laugh but when we get these little bikes in the dirt and start messing around all the boys want to have a go!'

'We’re the generation who were told to go out, get fancy jobs and we could have whatever we wanted. Well hang on a minute, we don’t need all that. We’ve found that by cutting back, you can enjoy your life more.'

'We organised a Babes Ride Out in Wales and got 170 people turning up. There were all ages on all sorts of bikes, from all over the country. There was no judgement, just some amazing rides.'


Namin on motorcycle

'We’re not making it [the VCC] purely for fashion. It’s interesting for us that we’re designing clothing that’s an answer to a problem. We’re not going to be seasonal either. We’ll come up with fresh ideas when we want them. It all ties in with our rather nice motorcycle life!'

'I think everyone is looking back in fashion, music and films. Maybe they did it right with bikes in the first place? It’s not just the aesthetic – it’s all cultural.”


Mai on motorcycle

'Two years ago I met the girls and started to ride. I love the risk and feeling you get. But most of all I love the community. It means I can be with my best friends and have a great time doing stupid shit and meeting new people.'

'I do basic mechanics which I’m learning as I go along. My dad used to wrench bikes and cars back in Brazil so I got this from him. Whenever he could, he used to show me how to fix stuff and now if I have a problem with my bike I call him and he gives me good advice. The VC stuff definitely helped me be more interested in the mechanical side.'

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