Meet The Girl Travelling The World With A Cardboard Cut Out Of Her Dad

Jinna Yang gave up the ratrace of the New York fashion world so she could 'become the individual that he sacrificed his life for me to be'...


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We’ve previously told you about the woman who takes mannequins of her pretend family around the world with her to prove that she doesn’t need a family to have a perfect life, but here’s a girl who’s taking a cardboard cut-out of her dad around the world with her for an entirely different reason.

Jinna Yang’s father died from cancer two years ago, without getting to see the world. She was left heartbroken and despondent after his death, so decided to travel the world with the cardboard cut-out of him, taking him to those places he never got the chance to see.


Jinna explains in her blog how she stepped away from New York’s fashion scene to embark on her mission: ‘I left my full-time job and fashion life in New York City to escape the endless cycle of earning to spend, earning more to spend more, to sleep less. Life should be an adventure.’

She also explained: ‘Part of my decision to follow my dreams was to become the individual that he sacrificed his life for me to be.’

Jinna takes the cardboard cut-out to famous landmarks and poses for beautiful photos with her father by her side. And she says that this is also helping her family – her nine-year-old sister, her 22-year-old brother and her stepmother – find peace following his death.


Jinna then documents her experiences – which have seen her visit the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, St Paul’s Cathedral in London and various waterfalls, lakes and geysers in Iceland – on her blog.

In the first post where she speaks about her father’s battle with stomach cancer, she says: ‘My blog started off as a place to vent and quickly grew into a lifestyle.’ Now it seems as if she is using it as a way of moving forward, creating new experiences in his memory. Check out her blog here.

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