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Brieing: Are Middle-Class Women Really Taking MDMA With Brie?

In what is perhaps one of the strangest revelations in this week's news (and I don't say that lightly), reports are emerging of a new drug trend. It seems middle class women (or at least one middle class woman) have taken to doing MDMA with brie. Brie, the cheese.

The term 'brieing' has been coined as a result and, rather expectantly, we have so many questions. reported that the marriage of MDMA and the soft French cheese had become a trend among middle aged women in particular after speaking to a 50-year-old businesswoman in London who apparently regularly hosts parties aided by the cheesy drug combination.

Her friendship group had decided to 'open up to each other and improve [their] friendships', and decided to do so with the aid of the drug. 'Our friend had been given a gram of MDMA by her daughter and we had no idea how to take it, as, though some of us had taken coke before we had not taken MDMA', she explained. So, they popped it in some brie and ate it.

An aquired taste, we're sure. But is this really a thing? Is brie really the vehicle of choice for the illicit consumption of molly among the middle-aged and middle-class that we just haven't heard about before, or have we just been made privy to the top secret covert behaviour of a successful woman in her 50s who chanced upon a super bougie way to bond with her friends?

Marijuana brownies we've all heard of. They've become a staple element of many low-level entertaining American comedies about the couple strained by the pressure and exhaustion of having kids who miraculously hire a babysitter for one magical night, bake a batch of naughty brownies from a re-discovered packet of weed they kept from their pre-parenting young and carefree heyday. Then, the next day one of the kids/a grandparent/social worker happens to pop round and by some awkward circumstance tries to eat one and, hahaha, they don't.

Predictable as this cinematic scenario may be, we're not too sure how the spiked wheel of brie narrative will play out. If brieing truly is a thing and not just one rogue example of one woman's wild night in with her cheese-loving friends, then I wouldn't be too surprised if we see Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet incidentally high as a kite, strolling through the Surrey countryside should anyone decide to make a follow up to The Holiday.

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