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McDonalds Wants You To Get Off Your Phone And Talk To Each Other

It has become something of a cliche for parents, friends or partners to ask each other to make meal times a 'no-phone zone', thanks to the increasing amount of screen time we're putting in on smart phones, but now McDonalds in Singapore has taken matters into its own hands, by encouraging diners to to store their phones in lockers before eating.

The new initiative asks McDonalds' clientele to lock their phones up as part of its 'phone off, fun on' campaign, aimed at families. Unsurprisingly, it's not had much success, thanks in large part to everyone Instagramming it.

'As a popular restaurant destination for families, we have observed that the use of mobile devices during meal times may sometimes get in the way of family bonding,' said director of brand communications and customer care Linda Ming.

The lack of take-up is even more unsurprising given that when surveyed, 69 per cent of adults and 72 per cent of children admitted to using their phones while eating a meal.

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McDonalds - the purveyors of fast food - may not have been the best place to start the practice, as it has a very quick turnover of customers who aren't usually sitting down to a long, three-course meal, where a phone ban might be met with more of a welcome.

However, there are moves to make people stay longer in store, with a new table service option being added to the self-service kiosks, meaning that staff will bring food over to you.

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