The Mcdonalds Christmas Coffee Cup Gets A Gross Makeover

Grandparents, avert your eyes.

The Mcdonalds Christmas Coffee Cup Gets A Gross Makeover

by Lydia O'Malley |

News moves on pretty fast on the internet, and by day two of the Mcdonalds Christmas Cup hand joke we’re pretty much over it. But an even cruder gif of the cup has appeared on Reddit, making us question everything.

The conversation started earlier this week after Mcdonald’s introduced a new Peppermint Mocha McCafe item in a cup featuring two mittens with ‘warmest greetings’ written across them and snowflakes surrounding the illustration. Sounds cute. But the charm soon wore off when people realised if you turned the thumbs into hands, the picture resembles someone bending over.

But a new gif taking it a step further has emerged on the internet, with a hole punched into the cup, letting coffee poor out and replicating… er… you can see for yourself.

[if you draw hands on the small McDonald's hot cup it looks like a butt. If you poke a hole in it...](

McDonald’s were quick to reply, saying ‘to be clear, our festive McCafé cups are of mittens not hands.’

‘The altered image circulation on social media is the result of someone getting a little cheeky and adding some hand-drawing to a cup.’

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