Mattel’s Game Developer Barbie Is Finally A Step In The Right Direction

Goodbye Pink Laptop, Hello Coding Expert Barbie

Mattel's Game Developer Barbie Is Finally A Step In The Right Direction

by Ruby Norris |
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With the release of Computer Engineer Barbie in 2014, Mattel offered a glimmer of hope that Barbie would put one of her 150 jobs to use and represent women in a traditionally male dominated field. However, bitter disappointment ensued after the accompanying book turned out to be full of sexist undertones and saw Barbie responsible for a computer virus that erased her all of her friend Skipper’s homework and music files. Barbie’s punishment? A playful pillow fight. Right…

This time however, Mattel’s latest incarnation of this All-American girl sees Barbie as a game developer, with a whole team of tech support behind her. Gone are the pink laptop, pink headset and skimpy outfits as Game Developer Barbie sports glasses, red hair and a realistic computer and desk set-up complete with authentic codes on screen.


There’s hope that this new doll and accompanying story will encourage more young girls to consider game developing as a viable career option and inspire and encourage young people to learn coding, regardless of their gender.

You go Barbie, go code the hell out of that game!

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