This Guy Quit His Job And Became A Full-Time Pokemon Hunter. Sounds Great, Doesn’t It?

This is actually happening

This Guy Quit His Job And Became A Full-Time Pokemon Hunter. Sounds Great, Doesn't It?

by Alyss Bowen |
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You know how like three years ago jobs like ‘Snapchat editor’ didn’t exist? And now they’re everywhere. Well, three weeks ago the job ‘full-time Pokemon hunter,’ also didn’t exist. And now it does, it really does. Tom Currie from New Zealand has quit his job in Auckland so he can run all over New Zeland chasing Pokemon. In real life. For two months. Are you following because my mind is blown that this whole Pokemon obsession is taking over everything. I even got an email from Virgin Active about a Pokemon Go workout this morning, I can't remember what life was before Pokemon Go invaded it.


Every morning 24-year-old Tom fills a flask with coffee, packs his rain coat and lunch in his backpack and heads off into the big bad world to find Pokemon. So far he’s found 90 out of 151 released on the popular game. He’s booked 20 bus trips all around new Zealand and has already visited six South Island towns in one week.

Tom told The Guardian that the trip has been both exhilarating ad exhausting. That doesn’t surprise us as some nights he stays hunting until 3am and often walks for miles and miles. Even transport companies have offered to take him to remote parts of the country to hunt for rare Pokemon. Pokemon backpacking is legit a thing, perhaps this is our future. Give it two months and travel companies will be offering Pokemon Go all-inclusive trips. Maybe it’ll be the new gap yah, 18-year-olds everywhere will be sacking off uni to travel the world spotting Pokemon not sights.

Tom, mate, good luck on your quest to catch them all. We believe in you, and in two months we’ll probably be joining you…but not really because we can’t afford to quit our jobs. We’ll be there in spirit!

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