Man Falsely Tells Police His Girlfriend Is Bringing A Bomb On A Plane Because Love

See also: entirely OTT and irresponsible reaction to his ex girlfriend leaving the country

Man Falsely Tells Police His Girlfriend Is Bringing A Bomb On A Plane Because Love

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In probably what is the modern equivalent of Phoebe telling Rachel to get off of the plane because of the ‘left phalange’. A man tried to scupper his girlfriend's plans of boarding a plane to Guyana because he was worried she might reunite with her ex husband who lives there.

Except Phoebe’s statement wasn't to the police and didn’t have the potential for Rachel to be arrested on suspicion of terrorism. So, perhaps not all that similar after all.

According to The Cut, Danesh Gomanie’s girlfriend (who declined to be named) was flying to Guyana so Gomanie decided to call 911 on 27th July to let them know that she would be boarding a plane there from JFK in two days carrying a bomb or drugs. One or the other, right? He wasn't quite sure, apparently.

Obviously the FBI had to take this tip extremely serious and when they tracked the couple down, the girlfriend told them that her Gomanie was jealous that she was going to Guyana because her ex-husband lives there and he was worried that they would rekindle their romance.

Gomanie was arrested and released on $20,000 bail for calling in the fake threat. When asked about it his girlfriend said, ‘It’s just jealousy. We’re back together. I forgive him.’

According to the New York Daily Times, Gomanie’s dad isn’t too keen on his son’s partner saying, ‘I don’t know what they see in each other, I told him to find someone younger and have children.’ Wow.

The greatest modern love story of our time? The plot line for 2017's biggest rom-com? The creepiest, most passive aggressive thing you've ever heard? Yep, all of the above.

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