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Man In China Gets Dumped, Builds Entire Friends Set, Finds Place In Our Hearts

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Feeling a bit blue post-election? (classic political colour-based pun there from me in case you missed it) Here's the best story ever to make everything seem right in the world again.

Meet Gunther (almost definitely not his real name). Years ago, Gunther was dumped by his girlfriend and was really upset. Luckily, his sad mood didn't last for long. 'My first love had just left me, everyday I was almost crying' says Gunther in the new video from i-D. 'One of my friends told me you have to watch Friends. They helped me past the really hard times. These six people spent ten years to teach you how to love.'

Since finding Friends, Gunther's become OBSESSED. Like, obsessed. To the point where he's built himself a coffee shop that's an exact replica of Central Perk and Joey and Chandler's apartment.

He's really good on the details too. He's got a Baywatch DVD, the Lionel Richie record from Chandler's break up with Janice, the frame peephole from Monica and Rachel's (which he made himself) and Emma's stuffed penguin that may or may not still belong to Joey.

His Friends obsession has spilled over into his love life too. Now happily married, Gunther tries to live by the rules Friends has taught him. 'I try to treat my wife like Chandler treats Monica. I've learned a lot from Chandler.' He's even named his child Joey and taught him to say 'How you doin'?' His wife, in return, think's he's a 'geek'.

![Obsessed: The Chinese Friends]

It's not just Gunther that's been affected by Friends. He's got a whole gang of pals who visit his coffee shop to watch the show. 'Chinese TV is quite political' says one. 'We just don't have TV shows like Friends. The show represents our youth.'

'I like pizza! When I am facing difficulties I iamgine how Joey or Chandler will deal with it.' Says another.

Gunther meanwhile, is doing just fine. 'I'm living in Friends. I'm happy everyday!'

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