Making A Murderer News: Steven Avery’s Lawyer Claims She’s Found ‘New Suspects’

Is this an insight into what season 2 will be about?

Making A Murderer News: Steven Avery's Lawyer Claims She's Found 'New Suspects'

by Alyss Bowen |

If you haven’t spent the past five months hiding at home binge watching Make A Murder, listening to Serial on the way to, from and everywhere in-between work and frantically searching for The People vs OJ Simpson online (legally probably, ssh) then chances are you don’t watch TV full stop.

The true crime series isn’t over just yet though, with talks of season two coming to Netflix and Steven Avery’s now increasingly popular lawyers, Dean Strang and Jerry Buting, going on a national talking tour. If you wanted new information on the phenomenon that blew up TV last year, you might just be in luck – it’s set to blow off, again.

Framed defence attorny Kathleen Zellner took over the case on January 8th 2016, and has supposedly claimed phone GPS records that weren’t acknowledged in the 2005 trial, which has led them to new suspect information. She’s yet to name names, intentionally so as not to scare him off. Zeller said: 'We have a couple. I’d say there’s one, leading the pack by a lot. But I don’t want to scare him off, I don’t want him to run.’

Zellner has long been pushing for another appeal on the case. Fighting 52-year-old Avery’s corner – who it currently serving life in prison – she stated that he had an ‘airtight alibi’ on Twitter, where she is often extremely vocal about his innocence and the case itself. She told Newsweek that ‘half of my exoneration cases have led to the apprehension of the real killer. I’ve probably solved way more murder cases then most homicide detectives.’ This is good news for Steven, who has been pleading not guilty since his arrest.

So, will this new season see new evidence brought into play or is it too late? Will it be more bad news for Steven or will the names of these myserteous suspects be released. Whatever happens, we’re sure it will have us huddled up at home, binge watching Netflix over the space of a weekend all over again.

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