‘Make Kittens Great Again’ Is The Google Chrome Extension Replaces Pictures Of Trump With Kittens

A gift to make the last bit of 2016 a little less stressful...

'Make Kittens Great Again' Is The Google Chrome Extension Replaces Pictures Of Trump With Kittens

by Lydia O'Malley |

I think we can all agree 2016 was an odd year. And if you’re like us and fed up of Trump’s face being plastered all over the internet (yes, even those memes are tiring now) then this Chrome extension will be like a gift from the Heavens.

Named ‘Make American Kittens Again’ the new Google Chrome extension made by user tomroyal.uk cleverly replaces pictures of the president elect with photos of cute, cuddly, adorable little kittens. Even if you’re not a cat person, it’ll be better than seeing Trump’s orange face plastered on every news site. Especially as we’ve got to deal with four years of it.

But if you really dislike cats, another extension exist which changes all mentions of Trump to ‘Someone With Tiny Hands’. So the next time you see an article about the president to be, it may read ‘Someone With Tiny Hands Meets With Putin For Climate Change Talks’.

Unfortunately, the extension isn't foolproof and only work on news sites so if a Trump photo suddenly emerges after a week of stress free kittens, please don’t freak out too much.

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