Make Your Facebook Profile Picture A Gif

Thank you Facebook. Thank you.

Make Your Facebook Profile Picture A Gif

by Stevie Martin |
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Yep, Facebook is rolling out some new and pretty cool features, one of which is the ability to make your profile picture a seven-second mini-video – and users are already testing it out. Soon, everyone will be able to have a go. It’s a bit like the Snapchat profile pics but more video-y.

‘Earlier this half [year] we were having a brainstorm, and sometimes you find a gem,’ Aigerim Shorman, Facebook’s project manager, told TechCrunch. ‘One of my designers called me over [to look at an engineer’s] Facebook At Work account. But his profile pic was moving. I thought, “This is going to be a great expression opportunity.” It brought the profile to life. You got to know the person better. So we got inspired to create an option to create a profile video.’

Other features they’re testing out at the mo involve pinned photos, like with Twitter, which can remain at the top of your feed the whole time and a more visible bio section, where you can write a 100-word biography about yourself. Great. As if the Twitter one wasn’t stressful enough – put too much and you look like over-eager, too little and you look like a try-hard hipster, make a joke and you look exhausting... the list is endless.

Temporary profile pictures are another fun new thing to play with, where you can put a pic up that will only last for a set number of days and hours before it reverts back to your old one. Can’t imagine quite when you’d want to use this, but maybe good for birthdays?!

On top of all of this, they’ll be reverting to the old style Facebook that some of us remember fondly: pushing the interesting stuff to the top, above the newsfeed so people can get to know, like, the real you. Larger profile pciture, dodgy bio and all.

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