Lurking On Snapchat Just Became Even Easier With These New Features

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by Ellie Wiseman |

Well, Snapchat has just got a whole lot smarter, and a little bit creepier. The new update has introduced three new features that will surely up your Snapchat game but might make you reconsider what you post...

Share Your Friends' Stories With Other Friends

Until now it was only possible to share Snapchat Stories from the Discover feed, but the new update now allows you to send anyone's Story to another friend, whether they are friends on Snapchat or not, yikes. Just tap and hold down your finger on their story and you’ll see the share screen. It’s maybe time to rein in those drunken snaps as it's now anyone’s business what you get up to...

Rewind A Story And Watch Again

Just like with any social media site, we mindlessly flick and scroll through Snapchat stories at top speed. Our fingers tap away so frantically (surely the human race will evolve to have bionic fingers) that when something actually catches our eyes we have already tapped way past it. We then have the arduous task of scrolling back down our friends list, tapping through 200 seconds of whatever to find the snap that prompted our attention. Well, this new feature is going to save a lot of time, as you can now just tap on the left-hand side of the screen to go back and see what you had just skipped past – a simple yet genius hack for the lazy and the nosey.

Get Creative With World Lenses

By now, as expert-Snappers, we are well-accustomed to the Lens-carousel of warping facial filters – the puking rainbow was the first, then the wagging dog tongue, then a series of more hilarious and more ugly filters kept being added for our Snapping pleasure. Now though, you can decorate the world you see through the lens of your rear-facing camera. Add hearts, rainbows and snowflakes to your surroundings, and even try and shine a spotlight on something in particular with the torch filter (our favourite). There is a lot more fun to be had from this app.

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