Lose Your Lunchtime To This 20 Second Video About Awesome Female Weightlifters

This will make you feel inspired while you're eating your sandwich


by Cat Olley |

We’ve all had a phase of dragging ourselves out to jog round the park every night, but the girls from Oxford University’s Powerlifting Club have taken it a step further, lifting incredibly heavy weights for fun – and their new video ‘Lift Like A Girl’ (off the back of the This Girl Can campaign) is even more inspiring than you might think.

In a new 20-second clip that's currently trending, they talk about what attracted to them to the sport, and give that all important advice to those thinking about joining them. Even if you’re not into weightlifting, there’s something to be said for proving you don’t have to sacrifice your idea of femininity in order to be sporty. ‘It allows me to get strong, but that doesn’t conflict with being a woman,’ says one lifter.

Check it out...

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