Lose Your Lunch Hour To This Video Of 3-Year-Old DJ Arch Junior

Your lunch hour, and your shit. This is the best thing we’ve ever seen.

Lose Your Lunch Hour To This Video Of 3-Year-Old DJ Arch Junior

by Megan Sutton |
Published on

What were you good at when you were three? Probably things like eating a bag of Quavers really fast, or crying when your mum made you share a small plastic animal with your cousin. Less likely, you were a DJ prodigy.

But that’s exactly what DJ Arch Junior from Alexandra Township, South Africa is. The three-year-old toddler/legend is the youngest contestant to appear on the country’s Got Talent show, and he killed his first audition, doing some solo mixing on the decks. DJ Fresh even pressed his golden buzzer.

Prepare to be amazed/ slightly upset by how much cooler than you this child is.

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