Loads Of Adorable Corgis Went To Hang Out On Beach Together And Had A Really Great Day

So sad I wasn't there. Like, *so* sad.

Loads Of Adorable Corgis Went To Hang Out On Beach Together And Had A Really Great Day

by Jess Commons |

How was your weekend? Chances are it wasn’t anywhere near as good as it could have been.

On Saturday, over 500 corgis (and their not-quite-as-adorable owners) got together on Huntington Beach in California for a day of fun, frolicking and generally having the best time ever. Check out some of the super-fashwan attendees below.



This gal who's just so happy to be here
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Picture from Corgilexi

This guy who's got a cunning plan to pull the ladies
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Picture from Corginista

These dudes who are properly equipped with suitable eyewear
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Picture from Corginista

This guy who's got no time for authority
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Picture from Everything_Bruno

These cool cats with the perfect bikini bodies
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Picture from FizzTheCorgi

This guy who is so [lon trend](http://www.thedebrief.co.uk/2015/02/sharks-are-on-the-harper-s-bazaar-cover-with-rihanna-and-were-at-the-superbowl-with-katy-perry-proof-they-re-in-fashion#.VS0AKmY6Kdc) it hurts
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Picture from MichelaLoves

This gal who *never* has an off day
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Picture from PorkChopTheCorgi

These guys who know what's up with this year's beach fashion looks.
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Picture from SneakersTheCorgi

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