17 Things You Only Know If You Live At Home As An Adult


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Let's face it - the housing market is grim. Rents are sky-high, mortgages are elusive and with house prices that rise faster than the likes on one of Kim Kardashian's selfies, living at home is actually kind of a brilliant choice. Gone are the days where 'living in your mum's house' carried a stigma, as you know, few of us can bloody afford not to these days. Behold, the things you know to be true all too well when you live at home (again)...

1. It's great at first - but THEN

When you first move back home, it's all hours-long gossip sessions with your mum, nail painting with your sisters and banter with your dad. There's tea and biscuits on tap and everything's fine and dandy...

2. Weird things about your parents annoy you

Things you never ever noticed about your folks are suddenly ingraitiating. The way your dad always mis-pronounces your bosses name. The way your mum leaves piles of your ironing around the house as a 'reminder' to you. Why does your dad need the bins out at a military, precise time? Why does your mum need a forty minute debrief of your day, even when nothing happened?!

3. You discover your parents, too, have changed

In the time since you moved away to work or study, your parents probably picked up some new habits. Which could include: religiously scanning every morsel that passes their lips into MyFitnessPal, binge-watching Netflix and slowing down the internet, or even a bizarre new hobby, they probably aren't the same people either.

4. Getting on with your siblings? Forget about it

If your siblings live at home too, you're in for a double-whammy. You've all not lived together for a while, and you've thus all forgotten how to actually get on with one another. Hence you and your siblings, really, really rubbing each other up the wrong way all. the. time.

5. But then they always take your side

It is good to have someone to vent to about how annoying your mum is, though.

6. Commuting. Woes.

Gone are the days or (probably) having an easy commute. You now have three buses, a train that comes once an hour and smells terrible and miles of country road between you and work. Good luck!

7. Food ON TAP

The food, oh God, the food! Your mum's cooking, unlimited Ocado orders, kinds of cheese other than Cheddar, fresh fruit, fancy biscuits...we could go on.

8. You think you'll save money

No rent, no council tax, no utility bills, right?

9. You don't save much

Somehow you end up spending loads of money - whether it's either on more treats because you can 'afford it now', pricey train tickets or er, ASOS orders, the money always goes somewhere.

10. Your whole morning routine changes

You suddenly have to work around more people who want to use the shower or clean their teeth - and aren't appreciative of the ten minutes per brow you need to craft the perfect arch, thanks very much.

11. Everytime you leave the house, it's a thing

'Where are you going? When are you coming back? Why are you wearing that?'

12. Everytime you make a phone call, it's a thing

'Who's that? What are you talking about?'

13. In fact, EVERYTHING is a thing

'Is that a cup of tea?' - LEAVE ME ALONE

14. You now spend a lot more time with random relatives

Ah, your third cousin Margaret who you've definitely spent a grand total of six minutes with before is coming over? Yes, of course I'll cancel all my plans.

15. And your night out plans are scuppered by the last train home

You dance all night - or at least until you have to scarper to make the 23.52 from Charing Cross.

16. You find yourself getting weirdly into the housework chores you have

Being told to Hoover and dust as a child was annoying - but now you take a real pride in making sure your room is spick and span.

17. But it's still comforting to come home every night

Getting into your own bed, eating home-cooked food in a warm house and having a warm shower? Priceless.

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