The Lesbian Moon Lobster Is Breaking The Internet

Rumour has it, she’s a lesbian…

The Lobster That’s Breaking The Internet

by Florence Ogram |
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Fisherman, Alex Todd must have pinched himself (sorry) when he pulled this translucent lobster from the waters of the Maine coast. The rare creature, which is now being called the 'ghost lobster' has caused quite the stir on twitter, along with a wave of interesting thoughts.

Since its discovery, the pearlescent lobster has been crowned 'queen of the tides…'

Oh, and she’s a lesbian… It is unknown how the lobster’s sexuality was ascertained, but there you have it.

And the lobster herself hopped on the twitter bandwagon…

The Maine Coast Fisherman’s Association posted a photo of the pale lobster pictured next to an ordinary lobster. Typically, lobsters get their colour from yellow, blue and red proteins in their shell, however in this magical-looking lobster’s case, the organisation said it’s colour was 'probably' down to 'a genetic condition called Leucism which isn’t a total loss of pigment (which would make it an albino) but instead a partial loss.'

Where is the lobster now you ask? Although some called for it to be put into an aquarium, you’ll be happy to hear that she has been returned back to her kingdom after Todd noticed the lobster was carrying eggs.

Good ol' Todd.

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