The League Is The New Tinder For Dating Snobs – Will You Be Picked To Join?

This invite-only dating app pulls out the top 20% of Tinder users to create an elite pool of singles. Where's our invite then?!


by Stevie Martin |

Imagine if Tinder was only full of hot, successful, super-cool people? New dating app The League, set to launch soon, aims to create this elitist singles utopia – unless, of course, you’re not allowed on it because you’re not in the ‘top 20 per cent’.

The app will siphon off the top 20 per cent of Tinder users, allowing them to select a shag-partner without having to wade through all the riff-raff beforehand. And what does The League classify as the top 20 per cent, you say? Well, it’s still a bit of a mystery, but according to their Facebook page:

‘Was it your philanthropic contributions or your impressive college sports career? Your killer smile or your east coast private education? That big-shot CEO that you’re friends with on Facebook or the fact that you’re one of the few singer-songwriters in San Francisco and the odds were just in your favor?…While you don’t know exactly what got you in, you do know that the best things in life are the most selective.’

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On top of this, the app also promises to hide your profile from friends so you can stalk people without fear of getting rumbled by that guy you friendzoned because you ‘weren’t that interested in dating anyone right now’. Oh, and it also boasts an ‘ultra specific’ screening process to ensure you won’t get bombarded by fake accounts that ‘want 2 sex u up’.

Only downside for us, apart from probs not getting chosen? It’s going to be available in New York and San Francisco first, and nowhere else. If it’s wildly popular (and there are already hundreds of people signed up to the waiting list, so it looks like it’s going to be), you can bet it’ll be making its way to London pretty soon, and when it does, we hope it’s not just full of tortured singer-songwriters and those arsehole rahs you went to uni with who were distantly related to WH Smith or whatever.

It’ll be interesting to see The League’s idea of elite. And how jealous you get if your mate is allowed on it, and you aren’t…

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