The Latest Hen Party Accessory? Ed Miliband

The Labour leader was met with chants of ‘selfie! Selfie’ when a hen party came across his campaign bus in Chester…

The Latest Hen Party Accessory? Ed Miliband

by Sophie Wilkinson |

So many of hen parties’ most exciting parts – the willy-shaped whistles, the pink cowboy hats, the bored-looking troops of women who are just about used to never going out for a ‘big one’ anymore now trailing blow-up men-dolls through market towns looking determined to get the shots in – have become cliché. There’s just something a bit… done about spending a weekend with a person you don’t really know that well, just because they’re also mates with the bride. That – or devotion to the Labour party – is why, we guess, one hen party in Chester thought Ed Miliband’s coincidental appearance at their do was the best thing ever…

The Labour leader had been in his campaign van when the hen party spotted him. In video footage filmed by the *Chester Chronicle *and then passed over to the BBC, you can see a woman – we’re guessing she’s the bride-to-be – excitedly emerge from the bus screaming, ‘I got a full one with him!’

The rest of the pink-sashed women then screamed for Ed and he politely emerged from the van to smile for selfies (the women were chanting, ‘Selfie, selfie, selfie!’) with the hen partiers. A few gleefully shouted out, ‘HASHTAG ED!’ he waved, pulled a funny face and then said thank you and bye.

Ahead of this election, there’s been much talk of the pink Woman-to-Woman van that female Labour politicians have toured around the country to tell potential female voters what the party will do for them, but it looks as if Ed’s campaign van is pretty pink-friendly, too!

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