The Lass Bible Has 1m Facebook Fans, But What Is It?

Not that different to the newly-kind The Lad Bible, it turns out…


by Sophie Wilkinson |
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We’ve all heard of

, the website and accompanying Facebook page where boys get to make boy-jokes about supposedly male things like cars and laughing at woen. But have you heard of The Lass Bible? One million Facebook likers have.

(, a website that doesn’t exist, is a lot fluffier and sweeter than you might assume by thinking it’s the actual counterpart to The Lad Bible, or at least* The Lad Bible *as we know it. We’re not sure if they’re joined to each other, but it certainly seems to cater to the most stereotypical expectations of young women.

Because it’s full of pictures of cakes, cookies, cats, kids being cute, old couples being in love, inspirational quotes, the sort of real-talk quotes that get pinged around Tumblr and Twitter first, and memes we’ve all seen everywhere else. Apart from that photo of a girl pulling a condom over her foot along with the caption ‘next time a guy tells you his dick’s too big for a it’s pretty tame, timid, and plays into the sort of things to get you feel all ‘aw-squee!’ inside.

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And, for the record, The Lad Bible itself is changing, becoming a bit fluffier and friendlier than the old days of Jackass-style practical jokes or gross-out humour. Not only because the sorts of stuff they used to share, Dapper Laughs stuff, has been so widely opposed it’s been pushed underground to places like 4Chan and Reddit, but because, well, it’s funnier to be a little nicer. And 7,776,953 likers seem to agree.

That’s why The Lad Bible is home to videos of a man sinking a basketball in a hoop from behind, or another man with an incomprehensively strong Irish accent. Or a bloke playing the trombone, filmed from the perspective of the go-pro he’s put on the end of it. Yeah, it’s brimming with blokey news, but pretty sweet blokey news, like Eminem granting a terminally ill fan a dying wish.

As for The Lass Bible? Well, ideally we’d like something that assumes the reader wants to do more than ‘oooh’ and ‘aaaah’ at baby videos, but maybe it’s time for the worlds of Lad and Lass to merge, to give us a one-stop shop for the world’s silly virals, and show that, really, men and women’s humour isn’t that different at all.

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