Here’s Why These 3 Pubs Have Banned Christmas Jumpers After 8pm…

They've been classed as 'fancy dress'

Here's Why These 3 Pubs Have Banned Christmas Jumpers After 8pm...

by Lydia O'Malley |

Put down the jumper your nan knitted when you were 14 which resembles a cross between Rudolph and a Christmas pudding if you want a drink tonight because a pub in Hull has banned festive jumpers after 8pm after branding them as fancy dress. Owner of the pub, Alan Murphy, believes the anti-xmas dress code will help with overcrowding ahead of the festive season.

‘There are other small pubs in the area who also now want to bring in similar rules’ he said.

However, before you get out your best elf onesie and drape yourself in fairy lights and march to the local and defend your Christmas spirit, the landlord has said he is looking out for everyone.

Owner of two other pubs Hawkes and Walters, the landlord applied the policy to all three claiming the decision was popular among the regulars. Based in Old Town, the miniature pub can only accommodate smaller groups of people and larger crowds would create long queues at the bar, which isn’t great for anyone really.

‘During the festive period, we want to be a haven of tranquillity for those looking to have a civilised drink in the evening.’

‘We are basically telling these groups that it isn’t worth their while coming into a candlelit pub full of couples and older people.’

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