Remember Ladybird Books? They’re Back With Adult Editions To Help Us Navigate Dating And Hangovers

Remember Ladybird Books? They’re Back With Adult Spoof Series On Hangovers And Hipsters


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You’ll probably remember having a few Ladybird books lining your shelf as a child - the cutesy illustrated guides were kids’ tools to navigating history and those major life milestones. But seeing as modern culture is just as much of a head-scratcher for adults as it is children, the publishers are cashing in with a series of eight satirical guides to everything from mindfulness to hipsters and dating.

The series’ signature painterly illustrations will feature alongside comic captions by writers Jason Hazeley and Joel Morris, who pen the scripts of BBC series, Miranda.

The writers explained that they had written the new spoofs ‘as if we were time travellers from the 1960s looking at stuff such as online dating and nightclubs.’

Though don’t except the new Peter and Jane to be clutching artisan coffees or sporting man buns or the 'Hun' - as the duo decided to use original illustrations from Ladybird books. ‘It’s hard to find images that have men and women in the same picture. Luckily, that’s become part of the joke, Joel said.

To give you a good idea of what to expect, here’s their summary of a hipster:

The books will be published next month as part of Ladybird’s centenary celebrations.

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