A Lady Gets Hangry Over Wrong Wendy’s Order, Bites Manager’s Knee

Because the only logical thing to do when you're hangry is to bite someone in the knee, right? No...

A Lady Gets Hangry Over Wrong Wendy's Order, Bites Manager's Knee

by Alyss Bowen |
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Imagine going into work one day and being bitten by an angry customer because you accidentally got their order wrong. Sounds like a scene from a movie, doesn’t it? Well, think again. Because this happened, IRL. A women called Lovely Robinson (yes, that is her real name) from Virginia has been charged with trespassing, malicious wounding and intentionally damging property in the US after – wait for it – getting HANGRY when her Wendy’s order was wrong and climbing over the counter to bite the managers knee.

WE KNOW RIGHT. Evidently this lady hadn’t eaten for like, three days, because that’s hangry next level. 25-year-old Lovely received her original order of two spicy chicken sandwiches, even though she had changed it to a 99-cent chicken sandwich from the value menu and she got maaaad. She then threatened the manager, Latanya Nelson, telling her she’d ‘come over the counter’ when Nelson told her to leave.

Perhaps not the best reply, Nelson told her ‘OK’, so Hangry, we mean Lovely, climbed over the counter and bit Nelson’s knee. This one gets the prize for most ridiculous story of the day for sure.

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