Kurdish Woman Blows Herself Up In Attack Against ISIS And Is Now A Hero

Arin Mirkan ran out of ammunition, so blew herself up in order to kill dozens of jihadists. The hashtag #arinmirkan began trending soon after.


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A Kurdish mother of two, known as Arin Mirkan (real name: Dilar Gencxemis) blew herself up on the front line over the weekend in order to kill dozens of Isis jihadists. She detonated a grenade while running towards a group of Islamic State fighters and has been rewarded for her bravery, hailed as a hero on social media.

The 20-something (her age hasn't yet been confirmed) ran out of ammunition while fighting in Kobani so, instead of retreating, threw herself into the line of fire. Soon after, the hashtag #ArinMirkan started trending, and the support for her marytrdom has grown. Women make up about half of the Kurdish forces; they're drawn to the front line due to the increasingly desperate situation in their city, and the fact that Islamic State jihadist fighters believe they won't go to paradise if they kill a woman.

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Yesterday, Isis put up flags outside Kobani as the fight for the city continues – but the Kurdish aren't giving up without a serious fight. 'If necessary, all YPG fighters will follow her example, and the gangs will not be allowed to achieve their aim of taking Kobani,' read a statement issued by the YPG – the Kurdish People's Defence Units - reports Newsweek.

Also this week, a 19-year-old female YPG fighter killed herself to prevent herself from falling into enemy hands – although the media has suggested she is still alive. The situation in Kobani, however, isn't looking strong: Isis surround the town on three sides, and Kurdish fighters are pleading for more ground support if they're going to protect their city.

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