So Kristen Stewart Wasn’t Mimicking Justin Bieber In THAT Music Video

So Kristen Stewart Wasn't Mimicking Justin Bieber In THAT Music Video


by Grazia |

Do you remember that hilarious Jenny Lewis music video where she gathered a couple of A-List celebrity pals and dressed them up in drag? If you don’t, watch the video below and laugh your socks off. If you have, you’ll remember that Kristen Stewart’s performance was reminiscent of a certain ‘Baby’ faced pop star (see what we did there?).

However, the actress, who turns 25 today (happy birthday babe!) appeared on Conan yesterday and insisted that she was not channelling the Biebz in her performance. “There was some Justin Bieber in there. Minus the moustache,” said Conan, to which Kristen simply responded with “In his dreams.” Sassy pants!

She then quickly added “I didn’t mean that! That was such a cheap stupid joke.” Click here for a clip from the interview.

Kristen Stewart on Conan [TeamCoco]
Kristen Stewart on Conan [TeamCoco]

The video, which was directed by former Rilo Kiley frontwoman Jenny, shows Kristen dancing around with fellow actresses Anne Hathaway and Brie Larson whilst donning Adidas tracksuits, moustaches and baseball caps. Standard Saturday night then. Despite her tough demeanor, Kristen was very nervous when she was approached: “Rilo Kiley’s my favourite band of all time so I was shocked I was even able to do it,” she said. “I was like ‘if I can breathe enough to do it then I will do’ and I did it! I’m proud of myself.”

N’awww, looks like even celebrities get starstruck! Check out the video below and brighten your Thursday lunch time.

Ooh, and don't forget to watch Kristen's interview on Conan at 1am Friday 10th March, on truTV (freeview channel 68).

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