Kanye West May Be Planning An Ikea Collaboration. The Flatpack Furniture Dream?

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Kanye West May Be Planning An Ikea Collaboration. The Flatpack Furniture Dream?

by Aimee Jakes |
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Kanye only tweeted last month ‘Let’s dance the streets. I am consumed by my purpose to help the world.’ Now it seems that he is indeed going to help the world - in the form of flat pack furniture.


The rapper turned fashion designer turned twitter ranter has visited IKEA’s head office in Sweden and (naturally) took to Twitter to confirm:

IKEA’s spokesman Jakob Holmstrom wouldn’t confirm whether IKEA and Kanye were planning a collab or if it was just a fleeting visit for meatballs, however cryptically responded that ‘time will tell.' Not a flat out no though then, which is very promosing indeed.

But what could we expect from the YEEZY collection? Lots of neutral, earthy tones? Barely-there minimalism chic? We predict that the instructions will be shouty and often hard to understand (in homage to his Twitter account) and IKEA bookshelves will start to pop up on each of the Kardashian ‘Klans’ instragram.

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