Junior Doctors Take To Twitter To Prove They’re Not Actually Mega Loaded

It Turns Out That Junior Doctors Are Pretty Hilarious.

Junior Doctors Are Taking To Twitter To Prove They’re Actually Quite Poor

by Eve Simmons |

The UK’s junior doctors are set to strike over working hours and pay this week and in the run up to their protest, The Sun of Sunday have questioned their qualms. In a piece headlined, ‘Moet Medics: High life of docs’ leaders who are heading up NHS strike’, the tabloid accused the young medics of living life of luxury having seemingly spent a fair few hours on Facebook to find pictorial evidence of these so-called revel;ers on their days away from their surgery (DAYS OFF? HOW DARE THEY?!).

But these young professionals aren’t taking the accusation lying down and they’ve taken up the Twitter hashtag, #smearthedocs to argue their case. The resulting Twitter feed is frickin’ hilarious - I mean, tbf, they do have six years of higher education under their belt. Who the hell did they think they’re messing with?

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 12.31.07 PM

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