Juicy Couture Is Reportedly In A Spot Of Financial Trouble

Velour tracksuits apparently aren't selling


by Jess Commons |
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Ah summer '04, it was a simpler time. No-one knew who Justin Bieber was, there were still two more Harry Potter novels to go, Brad and Jen were still together and you wanted nothing more than a pink velour Juicy Couture tracksuit. Oh, and a Von Dutch hat, but that's not important right now.

Now it seems that the ubiquitous brand that helped define mid-noughties fashion, Juicy Couture, might be in a spot of financial bother. According to Racked, all of the brand’s US stores are to close at the end of this month and that the stores that are still currently open are offering up to 70% off everything. We’re no economist but that doesn’t exactly sound promising.

Even though people aren't still rushing to clothe themselves in velour sweatpants in 2014, can we just take an emotional minute to remember how much impact the brand had on pop culutre during our formative years? We’ve got J-Lo in I'm Real video, Paris Hilton on The Simple Life, the er, bridesmaids at Britney Spears’ bachelorette party before her ill-fated marriage to all-round terrible human being Kevin Federline… Juicy Couture has basically been there for us at all the important moments in our lives and been around for longer than most of our friends have. And, at 70% off, we might just head out and finally treat ourselves to the tracksuit our fourteen-year-old self always wanted. Stay strong Juicy we love you forever.

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