The New Night Out Coming From New York: Juice Crawls

The New Night Out Coming From New York


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It's sober October, and our drinking buddies are all on the wagon. But perhaps hipster New Yorkers (and it's probably only a matter of time, London) have the answer. Because, instead of spending their nights downing tequila and dancing on tables, they're doing 'Juice Crawls'. The nights out were you get high on vitamins (and self-importance), instead of booze.

The unbearable smugness of it all has prompted the trend to be described as 'the death knell of New York nightlife', and the apparently "rowdy" events cost between $15 and $50 per ticket, to take in tastings on a drag of different juice shops. Those partaking are often spotted dancing on the streets after getting their minds blown by wheatgrass shots and cucumber mocktails.

Realistically though, we'd bet that every pious juice crawler will spend most of the evening finding the right angle to make their cold-pressed kale-based, mulch-coloured drink look palatable enough for Instagram.

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