Stanford Rape Case Judge Gave 4-Day Jail Sentence To Man Possessing Indecent Images Of Children

This is the same judge that sentenced Brock Turner to six months for sexual assault.

Stanford Rape Case Judge Gave 4-Day Jail Sentence To Man Possessing Indecent Images Of Children

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The name Aaron Persky probably rings a bell. He's the Judge who sentenced Brock Turner – the Standford University student who sexually assaulted an unconcious woman – to a measly six months in county jail and came under intense scrutiny for the decision with many people calling for him to be removed by the bench.

Following this he was also removed from a different sexual assault case after the the district atorney filed a challenge believing that Persky was biased because he had thrown out a misdeanor mail case before it could be deliberated onby the jury.

Now, Judge Persky is in the news again for another lenient sentence. According to the Guardian, in 2015 he sentenced 48 year old Robert James Chain to four days in prison and three years probation. When similar cases in the same county had handed down a sentencing of six months. Chain actually only spent one night in prison. According to a police report, officers found dozens of disturbing videos and images of minors, including one depicting the sexual assault of an infant, in Chain's house.

Persky also said that he 'would be receptive' to reducing Chain's felony charge to a misdemeanor charge it he stuck to the terms of his probation. A hearing on this will take place on 25th August.

Judge Perksy is the target of a recall campaign led by Stanford law professor Michele Landis Dauber. Commenting on their findings in this case she said that, 'This is truly disturbing material just like all the others. The only variable that seems different between this case and other cases is that this defendant had Judge Persky.

'It’s pretty clear from our perspective, we have a judge who is not taking the harms of sexual violence and sexual crimes seriously enough.'

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